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Yamaha Generators and Water Pumps


At Yamaha, we like to take a good thing and figure
out how to make it even better. Just take the EF1000iS,
the smallest member of our trusted line of inverter
generators. As in, just take it anywhere you want:
Weighing in at just 12.7 kg, it can be carried with
one hand. Inverter technology means that this lightweight
4-stroke beauty combines quality power and clean exhaust
that's in step with the world's strictest emissions standards.

The all-new EF2000iS provides a practical, versatile
machine that can go anywhere with ease. This ingenious
new inverter is fitted with Yamaha's most technologically
advanced and sophisticated muffler. Whisper quiet and
compact, the new EF2000iS has enough power to run a
microwave oven or a television, making your campsite
a much more comfortable place to be.

The EF2400iSHC inverter generator brings the
latest technology to Yamaha's line of rugged
and efficient generators.With innovative features
such as Smart Throttle technology, Oil Watch
Warning System and "Silent Type" sound reduction
system, the EF2400iSHC is the smart reliable
choice for your portable power requirements.
This super-quiet generator pumps out up to
2400 watts of power for up to 8.5 hours of
continuous operation. Cleaner, quieter and more
powerful, you're looking at the future of
generator technology.

The all-new EF2800i inverter generator brings
the latest technology to Yamaha's line of rugged
and efficient power products. This lightweight
and compact model generates the cleanest and most
consistent electrical power available, making it
ideal for running sensitive electronic equipment.
The quiet Overhead Valve (OHV) engine, Electronic
Control Unit (ECU), and control panel are all
designed with protective systems for long-term durability.

If nothing suits you better than a long trip in your
motor home or trailer, read on. The EF3000iSE produces
clean, high-quality electricity wherever you need it.
And with four built-in wheels, getting it there has never
been easier. A slick ergonomic design, easy access to the
control panel and effortless electric starting continue the
theme. But it's not just the simplicity that appeals: the
EF3000iSE leverages innovative inverter technology,
producing quiet, high-quality power and exhaust that clears
the world's toughest emissions standards. Finally, the Smart
Throttle feature automatically adjusts the engine speed to
precisely match the load. That means it runs quieter while
increasing fuel efficiency, lengthening engine life and
extending running time. In fact, you can run for over 7
hours on a half-rated load. Looks great. Runs great.

Feast your eyes on the most revolutionary inverter
models available today. Packed full of innovative
features such as Noise Block, Smart Throttle, Oil
Watch Warning System, Pulse Width Modulation, topped
off with convenient electric starting make the EF3000iSEB
the smart choice for your power requirements. Need a little
extra boost to help get the job done, opt for the EF3000iSEB.
It's loaded with all the same great features as its counterpart
and features Yamaha's exclusive Boost technology.
High-quality electricity, wherever you need it.

The all new EF6300iSDE is a fully enclosed modern
design making it practically silent! Quality electricity
you can depend on and powerful enough to let you confidently
run everything from high-demand equipment such as a well pump,
air compressor or RV air conditioner, to sensitive electronic
equipment such as plasma television, satellite receiver or your computer.

Looking for plenty of power for less?
This 2600 watt generator offers plenty of power
for a wide range of usage. The 4-stroke gasoline
engine provides quiet, reliable and economical
operation. Throw in premium features like the oil
level warning system, volt meter and non-fuse circuit
breaker and it's clear that the EF2600 is a lot of juice for the money.

Go ahead and power up both 120 and 240 volt equipments
with this compact and powerful generator. Anything from
air conditioners to power drills. A rugged 357cc Yamaha
engine has no trouble spinning out 4000 watts and thanks
to the exclusive "Damper Winding Technology " it is safe
to power appliances equipped with sensitive microcomputer controls.

If your jobs demand big-time power in a small,
quiet package, say hello to the EF5200DE. It's
great for running home appliances in an emergency
situation, as your primary power source at the cottage
or cabin, or out on a remote job site. Despite the small
profile, its 357cc, 4-stroke, overhead valve engine
produces serious, full-time dual-voltage power for up to
8 hours on a single tank of gas.

When you need maximum power in a small package,
look no further than the EF6600DE. It's capable
of running most major home appliances in an emergency
situation; and it can be used for primary power for a
cottage or cabin. The EF6600DE is built for durability
and is ideal for working at a remote job site or providing
backup power at home. Its 357cc, 4-stroke, OHV engine produces
serious, full-time dual-voltage power to take on heavy-load tasks,
proving that powerful things can come in small packages.

This is the Big Dog: Yamaha's largest gasoline-powered
120/240V output generator. It pumps out over 10 hours
of continuous, super-quiet operation without stopping to
refuel. This is the machine you need for super-heavy-load
equipment like air compressors, table saws, and more.
A non-fused thermal breaker protects the AC circuit against
overload, and for increased efficiency, the automatic economy
idle control reduces engine speed when it's not under load.
It's all bundled in a rugged, wraparound frame for protection
and a standard four-wheel kit. Trick it out with the optional
remote starter and you've got the ultimate in portable power.

Featuring a self-priming centrifugal pump powered by
Yamaha's tough, 4-stroke, 123cc overhead valve engine,
this bad boy can move up to 600 litres/minute through
a hefty two-inch port. With a cast-iron volute and
impeller for long life, plus heavy-duty carbon-ceramic
seals for greater durability and reduced abrasion, you'll
be using it for years. Other features include a Low Oil
Warning System with automatic engine shut-off; Standard
N.P.T. fittings, ensuring easy hose connections; a sturdy,
wrap-around steel-tube frame for added protection;
and electronic ignition for effortless starting.

The beast! The 171cc 4-stroke engine of the YP30GY
pumps up to 980 litres/minute through its thirsty
three-inch port. Do the math: that's an insane 58,800
litres per hour! Yet it's quieter and more fuel-efficient
than comparable engines in its category. Die-cast aluminum
pump housings mean a manageable carrying weight, but the
cast-iron volute and impeller make it super-durable. The
YP30GY also features electronic ignition for easy starting,
an automatic Oil Warning System to protect the engine from
low-oil damage, and a large muffler for quiet all-day operation.