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Sport, Touring, Crusers,Scooters and Dual Purpose Bikes

You are looking at a special generation of
custom cruisers. A breed that stands apart.
Check out the incredible attention to detail.
From front to back, the Raider is loaded with
"custom" inspired parts. Stretched out fork,
fat rear tire, low seat and an aggressive,
slammed riding position. The Raider features
more black parts than the S version.
The Raider not only looks good… it offers an
incredible riding experience too.

Unlike any other motorcycle available today,
the VMAX is truly in a class of its own. The
awesome acceleration and muscular beauty
combines with sporty handling and Yamaha's
electronic engine management technologies to
offer an incredibly exhilarating riding

The Stryker SE, a machine designed to be
ridden... and admired. Chopper inspired
styling, attention to detail and mechanical
function blend together in a stunning mid
class "chopper". One ride and you will know we
got it right. The style, the performance and
that special attitude is intoxicating.
The Stryker SE features a cool bullet cowl to
help reduce wind fatigue.

The Stryker, a machine designed to be
ridden... and admired. Chopper inspired styling
, attention to detail and mechanical function
blend together in a stunning mid class
"chopper". One ride and you will know we got
it right. The style, the performance and that
special attitude is intoxicating.

Offering class leading performance and a fun
filled ride, the Bolt C-Spec features low
slung clip-on handlebars, a cool solo seat with
rear seat cowl and more sporty riding position
than the other members of the Bolt family.
Perfect for unwinding after a hard day's work,
the Bolt C-Spec returns riders to the roots of
motorcycling with a uniquely styled model,
offering the sound and "character" that only an
air-cooled V-twin can provide.

A trend is emerging in the motorcycle world,
with a "back to basics" approach. Designers
and custom builders are stepping back to a time
when the mechanical beauty of a motorcycle was
highlighted in its styling. The Bolt R-Spec's
simple styling, compact layout, V-Twin power
and natural riding position combine to offer
an incredibly fun riding experience.

A trend is emerging in the motorcycle world,
with a "back to basics" approach. Designers
and custom builders are stepping back to a time
when the mechanical beauty of a motorcycle was
highlighted in its styling. The Bolt's simple
styling, compact layout, V-twin power and
natural riding position combine to offer an
incredibly fun riding experience.

V-STAR 950
The V-Star 950 offers middleweight performance
in user friendly, confidence inspiring package
that will appeal to entry level riders right
through to seasoned veterans. The V-Star 950
offers an exciting combination of excellent
engine performance and character with plenty
of power for longer highway adventures.

The V-Star 650 Custom features lots of chrome,
luminous paint, a bobtail rear fender, and the
convenience of a clean, quiet shaft drive.
Don't be surprised if your friends think it's
a one-of-a-kind custom machine.

V-STAR 250
There are a whole bunch of reasons to check
out the V-Star 250, but the most intriguing is
it's authentic V-twin powerplant, which means
that you're getting full-sized rumble and
styling in an easy to ride, lightweight bike.

Sophistication is the name of the game with
the Super Ténéré ES. Does the convenience of
adjusting your suspension without ever
getting off your bike sound interesting?
With the simple push of a button, you can
adjust both preload and damping settings, it
is that simple. Add heated grips and a
cruise control system to the mix and you
have a machine that is truly worthy of being
called the Ultimate Transcontinental

The Super Ténéré comes with a prestigious
lineage of success at the famous Paris to
Dakar Rally. In fact, Yamaha won the first ever
event in 1978 and followed that up with 8 other
victories at the world's most gruelling rally



The V-Star 1300 Tourer features a host of casual
touring amenities that will have the miles
rolling by in comfort & style. Quick release
windshield & passenger back rest both lock for
additional security while the 23 litre leather
wrapped hard saddlebags offer plenty of storage
Roomy and powerful, the V-Star 1300 Tourer is a
great choice for those weekend getaways.


The V-Star 1300 Deluxe SE is a casual full
dress touring machine brimming with features.
From the Garmin Zumo GPS system to its iPod
ready audio system, the Deluxe SE offers all
day riding comfort with plenty of storage.
The V-Star 1300 Deluxe SE delivers exception
performance and value, making it the ideal
choice for riders looking for high end
appearance and great features in a midsize
tourer. The V-Star 1300 Deluxe SE, truly in a
class of its own.


Power, handling, comfort and style.
The V-Star 950 Tourer offers serious
middleweight performance in user friendly,
confidence inspiring package. Lightweight, easy
handling and a low seat height will appeal to
new riders, while seasoned veterans will
appreciate the comfort of the Tourer’s quick
release, locking windshield, and passenger
backrest; not mention the hard shell leather
wrapped saddlebags. Discover your free spirit.


Designed around the concept of a “Versatile,
Sporty Multi-Use machine”, the FJ-09 offers a
comfortable and exciting ride whether taking a
relaxing tour or hitting the hustle of the city
on your daily commute. An upright riding
position, wide handlebar and adjustable seat
design combine with the exciting power of the
3-cylinder Crossplane Concept engine to create
a machine that will leave you grinning after
every ride.

The FZ6R has a special ambience that makes you
feel comfortable the minute you swing a leg
over the seat. It is a sports bike that does
not make any earth shattering claims; just a
bike that will leave you smiling after each and
every ride. Perhaps you are just getting started
in motorcycling or have been around long enough
to recognize that fun is not always determined
by engine size or horsepower.


FZ-07The FZ-07 is a motorcycle that brings fun,
affordability and riding enjoyment back to the
street. This versatile naked roadster offers
deep engine torque and a comfortable riding
position in a lightweight, easy to handle sports
chassis. It’s the perfect machine for both new
and experienced riders alike who are looking for
outstanding value.


The FZ-09, a naked sports roadster powered by
a liquid-cooled, 850 cc in-line 3-cylinder,
fuel-injected engine, has been developed around
the concept of a “Synchronized Performance”
that allows a rider to enjoy the feeling of
complete control in typical everyday riding
situations. In other words, the FZ-09 has been
designed to respond to your every command.


MotoGP, the highest form of motorcycle racing,
is our proving ground. The technology Yamaha
has pioneered and proven on MotoGP circuits
around the world can now be enjoyed by racers
and riders alike. The R1 provides riders with
a taste of what it would be like to ride the
championship winning Yamaha M1. A showcase of
Yamaha’s technology leadership, the R1 raises
the bar with its uncompromised performance and


Based on the championship winning R1, the
incredible R1M is the pinnacle of Yamaha’s
pure racing technology. It provides a riding
experience like nothing before it. Power
delivery is very linear and controllable with
our comprehensive YRC electronic controls. Add
in premium features including an Ohlins
Electronic Racing Suspension, lightweight
carbon fiber bodywork and our new Communication
Control Unit that is both a data logger and data
setting tool, and you have a machine that is
destined to improve racing skills and results.


In 2015, Yamaha stunned the motorcycle world
with the ground breaking R1 & R1M, full of
MotoGP inspired innovations.
For ‘16 we welcome the R1S to the family.
With a significantly lower price, but still
packed with R1 DNA, the R1S is a great choice
for street use, offering incredible performance
and exceptional value.

Yamaha has raised the bar in the entry sports
class with the exciting new “R3”. Sporting a
new twin cylinder 320 cc engine and an all new
chassis, the R3 offers a solid combination of
class-leading power and light, agile handling.
Add in the incredible MotoGP inspired M1 race
bike styling, plus an easy to ride personality
and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun
riding experience !


The R6 was born on the racetrack. Its
MotoGP-bred technology is tuned to give you the
kind of outstanding engine and chassis
performance usually reserved for professional
racers. The R6 is full of innovations and
technology, you just won’t find on the
competitor’s machinery.


Check out the fun loving Zuma X scooter. Based
on the proven BW’s50F platform, the Zuma X
includes all of the BW’s great features
including its incredible fuel economy, in a
package that is highlighted by its eye-catching
“supersport styling”. Fun has never been so
affordable or stylish.

BWS 50
Big on fun and easy on the wallet, the gas
sipping 4-stroke BW’s 50 is your ticket to an
independent city lifestyle. It’s designed to
take the urban mobility concept to an exciting
new level. Love the ride, enjoy the freedom and


BWS 125
The fun loving BWs 125 has undergone a
significant makeover for ‘16. Not only is the
styling all new, but we’ve also increased the
under seat storage capacity, added a new digital
meter assembly and a new rear disc brake.
Not stopping there, the front disc brake
diameter has been increased and features a new,
more powerful twin piston caliper, the roominess
of the cockpit has been increased, and there is
a cool new headlight too. Powered by a fuel
injected 125 cc engine, the sporty BWs 125 makes
a great urban or suburban commuter.


The SMAX scooter is a surprising little
performer. It is both fun and easy to ride and
can carry a passenger too. Its sporty design
begins to hint at its full capabilities.
Whether zipping around town or hitting the open
road, the 155cc single cylinder SMAX can easily
keep up with traffic. And it is virtually
vibration free with lots of wind and weather
protection too. If you are looking for fun,
affordable transportation the fully automatic
SMAX is waiting to impress you too.

The 2016 TMAX, a fully highway capable scooter
that shatters the scooter stereo type. Get ready
to experience some serious performance, handling
comfort and convenience. Just some of the
features include a 41mm inverted fork, radial
mount 4-piston front brakes, brilliant LED
headlights and a ‘Smart Key’ system just like
on a car.

The stylish Vino offers clean, quiet, fuel
efficient 4-stroke performance. The easy to ride
Vino makes more sense than ever as gas prices
continue to spiral upwards. To make the Vino 50
even more fuel efficient, it features fuel
injection. Fully automatic transmission, and
locking under seat storage make the stylish
Vino a sensible, fun loving alternative form of